Oy gevalt!  What kind of cockamamy shtick is this?

Meshugga Beach Party brings together many favorite Jewish melodies with the fun, retro-cool sounds of surf music. The band puts on an exciting, high energy live show – dressed like rabbis, synchronized dance moves, the “dead joke scrolls” – it’s surfin’ shtick at its finest. The band features dual guitars, piano, organ, bass and drums, and the occasional holler for good measure.

Meshugga Beach Party has been playing around the Bay Area since 2003, appearing in places as varied as Jewish heritage festivals, local traditions like Bay to Breakers, and hipster havens like Lebowski Fest, Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge and the Hubba Hubba Burlesque Revue. Live performances of the band have also been a hit on the web, with their “Hava Nagila /Misirlou” clip garnering over half a million viewings on sites like YouTube and whatever it is the kids these days use to watch videos.

In 2010, the band were competitors in the Portland semi-finals of America’s Got Talent, and in 2011, the group recorded an original song with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Duane Eddy.  You never know where you’ll be seeing these meshuggeners next!

Nu? What have you been waiting for? It’s time to meet the band!

Oy vey!

“Meshugga” Mel Waldorf

Escaped New Yorker and a surf guitar player for almost two decades, in bands such as Los Mel-tones and The Mach IV.

Mel’s original surf music compositions have been featured in TV shows and movies, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, MTV’s Real World, and Walt Disney’s My Favorite Martian.

Oy vey!

Danny “Shecky Shekels” Snyder

Jersey Boy and Jewish Carpenter (where have we heard that before?), Danny brings years of orchestral band experience to the group in addition to his guitar chops. Danny is also creator of the band’s “Dead Joke Scroll” torah scroll of Henny Youngman jokes, because what helps shtick but more shtick?

Oy vey!

Stuart “Brooklyn Beat” Brandt

Brooklyn born and raised, Stuart played in bands in the best borough in the 60s and 70s before coming to California. When people mistake him for being Italian, he’s got one response: “Fuggetaboutit, you putz”.

Oy vey!

“Shayna” Karen Dobronyi

California native, melodic mastermind, baking wizard and mixological maestro behind the “Mazel Tov Cocktail” and “Bubbie’s Kitchen”, Karen finally puts her years of classical piano training to use that would make her teacher plotz.

That she’s willing to get on stage with the rest of the band only further demonstrates the kindness in her heart.

Oy vey!

Steve “Treyf” Bacon III

Our Shabbos Goy. With years of experience as a school teacher, Steve has the patience of Solomon in dealing with the rest of the bands’ collective neuroses.

A proud Scotsman, Steve frequently dons his kilt after gigs to re-adjust his cultural bearings.

Oy vey!

How did Meshugga Beach Party come to be, anyway?  Read on as Mel explains

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